Like rats and fleas on old sailing ships, microbes of all kinds have been hitching a ride on our rockets ever since we began traveling into outer space.  Sometimes we bring them on purpose, but more often they come along without our knowledge.

These microscopic stowaways have given us a new understanding of the workings of life on our home planet, but have also become a threat with dire consequences for humanity, on Earth and in space.

Yet there is hope, as both science and science fiction have worked tirelessly  to understand and confront the problem of Mutant Mold in Outer Space! 

Mutant Mold in Outer Space!  is a documentary that examines how microbial experimentation,  contamination and mutation has affected our efforts to explore beyond the confines of our own planet.

Is there an aggressive space fungus that can devour any material, and grow four times faster than it could on Earth? 

How have the world's space agencies been working to confront the problem of Mutant Mold in Outer Space?

What really caused the fires on the Russian Space Station, MIR and continues to prevent us from establishing a truly long term habitat in space?

These questions are  just part of the journey of discovery that awaits you in Mutant Mold in Outer Space! As we present you with a side  of space exploration that you normally can’t see...

with the naked eye.